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Image by Anastasia Petrova

My Services

I use creativity, spontaneity and humor (a must!) in my sessions. I use several modalities of treatment, including sand therapy, Cognitive-Behavior therapy (CBT), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), Gestalt Therapy, Solution Focus therapy, Narrative therapy, dream analysis, Psychodynamic therapy, and mindfulness. I will also use art as way to help kids express their feelings in sessions. I believe that therapy is different for each client and I use the client's unique personality to determine what modalities to use in session.


For middle and high schoolers, adolescents and women.

I give my clients a safe, non-judgemental place for them to explore and understand themselves on a deeper level. I help guide them to find better choices for themselves, and help them feel happier.


A poor communication dynamic between family members accounts for the majority of issues faced by my clients. My focus is on helping families to slow down and listen to each other...REALLY listen. 

I help guide families through the complex network of individual and collective issues that can result in the family communication ‘shut down’.


I work with parents of children of all ages. I help support parents from before birth and beyond. Being a parent in today’s digital world can be challenging. 


I also help assist families with parenting skills and boundaries. I am a mother, so I understand the pressures and stress of parenting in today's digital world.

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