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Image by Alberto Casetta

My Approach

Working with Adolecsents

I have a strong passion to work with middle and high school children. In my experience, most of people's bad coping skills like eating disorders, cutting or self-harming behaviors, substance abuse, depression and anxiety, begin at this age. If we can get kids help when issues first appear, then we can teach them healthy coping skills to be able to manage the bad feelings they are having. Help them understand why they are feeling what their feeling and how to take control over their own lives.

Working with Adults

​I feel as we get older, our traumas or issues around our childhood get pushed down, ignored, which doesn’t work, they will eventually come up, either as depression, anxiety or we adopt maladaptive behaviors to manage them. When bad or uncomfortable things happened in our childhood, we stay stuck looking at them with “our child brain”, which at the time, the frontal lobe is not developed fully, as adults we need to process our traumas with our fully developed “adult brain”. It can be painful at times but in my experience, once those traumas are processed, the less they have control over your life. Your traumas, depression, and anxiety are probably managing you…I want to help you get to a point where you are managing your trauma, depression and anxiety. Think about it like you are walking around with a backpack filled of rocks, weighing you down, let me help you unload your backpack of issues, one rock at a time! 

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